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Real Wombles

Uncle Bulgeria has a very large, old Atlas in his study and it is from this book that the Wombles choose their names. Sometimes they take a very long time choosing a name, but other Wombles, like Bungo, simply close their eyes and point.

I will start with the wombles names, as I'm sure your dying to know! Just pick a picture and it will take you to the wombles page.


Great Uncle BulgariaTobermoryTomskWellington

OrinocoBungoMadame Cholet

These are the best known wombles, but below are some other less known wombles.

Walking Womble Animation, created by Johanna Cormier, modified by Matt Wells.

Alderney, a young female Womble thats is in most of the Womble books.

Cousin Yellowstone Boston Womble appeared in "The Wombles" book. He was kidnapped by humans and ran away, hiding on a boat to escape. It was in this way that he travelled around the world and settled in America.

Miss Adelaide, an old Womble who runs the Womblegarten, first appears in 'The Wandering Wombles'.

Cairngorm Womble, also known as MacWomble the Terrible is the head of a clan of Scottish Wombles which they meet in "The Wandering Wombles".

Cousin Botany first appears in "The Wombles to the Rescue". He travelled from Australia to England by sailing ship - he is weird and does not like to talk.

Ness the Water Womble is a large womble who lives in Loch Ness and has flippers instead of paws. She and her sons swim single file around Loch Ness giving the impression of a creature with many humps.

Shansi is a young female Womble who is very shy and despairs of every becoming a proper working Womble but finds her calling in writing and teaching in the Womblegarten.