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Orinoco's Page!

Orinoco is the fattest (which is very fat indeed as all the Wombles have nice round figures) and the laziest Womble in the burrow. He quite often needs 'a little forty winks' before he can get his strength up to start work. He always wears his scarf, even in the summer! He is too lazy to take it off.


Orinoco is always sleeping, and there are a few songs about his dreams, they are all on Side 1 of 'Keep On Wombling'. The songs are: 'Womble of the Universe', 'The Orinoco Kid', 'The Jungle is Jumping', 'Underground Overture', 'The Hall of the Mountain Womble' and 'Look out for the Giant'.


Orinoco's Quake skin has been produced by Matt Wells, and the beta is available here. It is in PCX format which is used by Quake World. If you are not sure how to use the skin, I will be producing a help page soon. Don't bother e-mail me to say that it is rubbish and have no detail. I made the skin like that so they would look funny.