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Madame Cholet's Page!

Madame Cholet produces the most delicious meals out of all kinds of strange things. Her elm-bark pie with fluffy toadstool topping is famous throughout the Womble world. Like all good cooks she stands no nonsense in her kitchen and has been known to rap even Tobermory's paws when he tried to taste one of her bracken jellies before it was properly set.


Madame Cholet's Quake skin has not yet been produced and I have no plans o making one. It will look very unrealistic (Wombles are real?) and she is really a better cook than Quake player. If anyone atually wants to make me a skin, I would be delighted to accept it. Just e-mail me it, with some information about yourself. I will then add you to my site, and a link if you want :).