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Tomsk's Page!

Tomsk Cartoon

Tomsk is the largest Womble in the burrow and he has more braun than brain, but he is wonderful at games and is keen on keeping fit. He often tries to get Orinoco to take a bit more exercise, but he hasn't succeeded so far.


Here is clip from Tomsk's song 'Exercise Is Good For You (And Lazyness Is Not)'. I have selected the part about Tomsk. Another clip is available from the lyrics page.


Tomsk's Quake skin has been produced by Matt Wells, and the beta is available here. It is in PCX format which is used by Quake World. If you are not sure how to use the skin, I will be producing a help page soon. Don't bother e-mail me to say that it is rubbish and have no detail. I made the skin like that so they would look funny.