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Important News (worth reading)
WoW Stopped Updates
W - Wombles Happy New Year
Saturday 9th January

WoW stopped mid-league :( Althoguht we did have a tremendous time in our last match again PLZ! It was not serious, and we tried all going one class, i.e. heavy weapons guy rushes :)
As for the site, I forgot about the site with the growing trounbles in WoW, so the break-up was not covered.
I did join AnoD with WoW's loyal friends but it did not work for me, so I have joined DF and we are currently doing well.
As the team is no longer in one clan, we do not see much of each other anymore.For this reason I have decided to make a new group of W - Wombles. We all have Womble names and meet up all the time. It is just starting so I will give more info if it works :)
I have updated most of the stuff on here now, because I left it in bad shape. The other web pages I was creating are left half finished or were wiped out in my harddrive problems. These may return some day, but the main reasons this is still going is for Wombles information and downloads.
The site is now available to all, with a more refined selection. I will also include info about W members soon.
Oh, and happy new year to those I have not seen in a while.