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June and July, not much.
June - July 1998
August 1998
September 1998
October 1998 - Stopped Updating

Monday 20th July

Fragem has left WoW because his pressure from work, he was finding it difficult to go to practices and matches. So he has taken a break from clans at the mooment. He did inform me that he will be joinin a clan again sometime in the future. Good luck Fragem.

Sunday 19th July

Right, me, D.Mike and Homer were sorting out the TF league team because it starts on 5th Spetember. We sorted the following list.

League team Cadets
Firefuel Valium
Dangerous Mike Soulless
Homer Wiggy
Smurf Lots of Spaces
Gambitx E-mail me!
Fragem/Hellfire Lots of Spaces
Sandman E-mail me!
Crow Lots of Spaces
Monday 15th June

15th June. My old pal from TD has joined WoW. It is nice to have a former leader in the clan, especially if he has to listen to me now :) Well Morbid, welcome to WoW.