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October, Everything is stopping :(
June - July 1998
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October 1998 - Stopped Updating

Saturday 17th October

I got the new fixtures!!! We are playing TP, and EARLY!!!!
WoW vs. TP 21-Oct-98 8:00 PM Server 2
LoS vs. DF 21-Oct-98 8:30 PM Server 3
RVM vs. LoS 21-Oct-98 9:00 PM Server 2
Anod vs. PLZ 21-Oct-98 9:30 PM Server 3
VoD vs. PLZ 21-Oct-98 10:00 PM Server 2
AvA vs. SV 21-Oct-98 10:30 PM Server 3

P.S. We are currently bottom in the league :)

Saturday 17th October

You may have known that I am starting a sniper league on Wireplay. I am going to ask the TF clans to get a team together and have some games. If you want to enter your team, e-mail me. Hopefully, I will be starting trials soon.

Friday 16th October

About our home map, is everyone still OK with it? As we are a little unorganised at the moment, I was wondering if 2fort5 is a little open. Hellfire has sugested that we move to 2force1, and it is very easy to defend! I would like it if you e-mailed me an answer.

Wednesday 14th October

The league has started!!! After a really unorganised night, we ended up only playing one game. PLZ got 6 captures and we got none :) I am glad how even though we were losing at the very beginning, our team did not quarrel or give up, well done guys. Nevermind, were were down one man, and had a few not there. Perhaps we will do better in our re-arranged game against DF. It is our home map, so I hope we will have a chance.Next weeks fixtures are not up yet, but I will tell you as soon as I get them.

Saturday 10th October

I have been playing about a bit with spreadsheets on the internet, so I have temporary page with the WoW members. This can be found at the entrance to to Downloads section. Tell me if I got it wrong, as I usually do.

Just a note on the new sites, I am a little way through the South Park page, and I will be maknig an X-Files page. On the X-Files age, I will be working with Jamie Mckeen ([DF]Nutter). We have sorted what has to be done, and we estimate that it will be on the web by middle of November.

Saturday 3rd October

I just thought I should tell you, this site may not be updated much in the next few weeks, maybe just the news section. This is because I have taken it apon myself to start another few web pages. I will be doing a bit on each, so I don't get bored with one, then I will release them all at once, hopefully by christmas. My pages will include, South Park, Quake 1 and 2, a bit about me and perhaps, an X-Files page. I will have some help creating the Quake and X-Files pages, so it is not that much really, but I have lots of work that is more important. If anyone wants to help me test the links and stuff for my pages, please tell me, and I will ask when I put them up for testing.

Saturday 3rd October

I have updated some more of the page, getting things right. Please hang on, I am finally getting ontop of my work. A few things updated. I have sorted out this page, added UK and USA links on my download page, added a new download and got the sidebar colours right. Currently, I am working on some tactics to put on the passworded page. Does anyone want to spell check my web pages? Hehe, thought not, I done a bit, but there is too much writing. Perhaps some other day. Ratings will be added to the downloads section in the next five years, hopefully.