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Only August, WoW's best days.
June - July 1998
August 1998
September 1998
October 1998 - Stopped Updating

Monday 31st August

Evilseed (Rick) has got a new e-mail address because Outlook Express has gone wrong. Could you please e-mail him at either: or

Sunday 30th August

I recieved some disturbing information. Jamie Hagen e-mailed me to inform me that Ross (Gambitx/Nightcrawlerx) passed awy on 23rd of July. He contracted meningitis in early July, but did not recover. All of WoW thought he was a valued member of the team, and he was picked for the TF league team. Ross was one of the original WoW team and was very supportive, recuiting others and always notified me if he was unable to attend practice.

Sunday 30th August

Dr Newbie was accepted into WoW as our first proper cadet. He will have the [WoWC] tag on his name, so say hello if you meet him. We are still looking for cadets of all classes/skills to join WoW. A cadet is part of the team, but does not have a fixed place in the TF league squad. WoW veterains will take the time to set-up training sessions for different classes to help the cadets. When a league player drops out, or cannot play ceertain matches, the best qualified cadet will take his place. I may limit the amount of cadets allowed for TF because of the trouble of contacting everyone. If you are interested in joining as a cadet, please e-mail me or D.Mike, remember that practices are 10am every Sunday (and you should e-mail me in advance if you cannot make it).

Saturday 29th August

I have struggled to start a DM team from the start, but now I have asked DM only people to play for us. The current team is:

I am also trying to convince Smurf and Hellfire to join becasue they are very good. I am only asking those with internet connections to join now, as my wiremail has died. DM practice will be on weekends (not sure when yet) and I have organised some DM veterains to come along and train us. If you would like to join my DM team, please e-mail
me. There is a position for a co-leader at the moment, which will have basic control over our team, because I spend most of my time on TF.

Saturday 29th August

Dangerous Mike has moved the web site, again! The web site was originally at fortunecity, but Mike wanted a better place. He moved to xoom with his new WoW design. This did not get very far, because he got a very good offer from somewhere, and I think he gets unlimited space. I know the site is at, but I cant really confirm anything else. Mike, please e-mail me and tell me if I got anything wrong.

Saturday 29th August

I have just downloaded Quake World 2.3 client and server.It is now freely avaiable from Wireplay has not updated the servers yet, but most of the internet Quake servers have been already. Hopefully this means the TF league will start soon.

Tuesday 25th August

Dangerous Mike has left AOL (he saw the light) and joined Lineone. This means he has a new e-mail address for you to send your rubbish to. It is now, prteey obvious really :).

Sunday 16th August

[AVA]Defiant has been asking about joining WoW. He is Sandman's mate, and he is pretty good, so I have asked him along to practice after he returns from his holiday. Not much news, is it. But I thought I should let you know.

Tuesday 4th August

The TF league has been postponed. This is mainly because the rubbish Quake World 2.21 which has too many bugs, and runs very slow. It is expected that the league starts around the end of September, when Quake World 2.3 is released.

Sunday 1st August?

Sometime when I was on holiday in America, Wireplay upgraded one of their servers to Mega-TF. I am not to fond of it, but it is ok for a laugh. The bad thing is the server only has 2fort5, Bam4 and Unholy Kingdom on the map cycle. This makes it very repetitive so I don't play it much. You can get Mega-TF here. The new maps are available from Wireplay, or most other TF FTP sites including England