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On June 19th 1998, I recieved an e-mail from GambitX/NightcrawlerX asking me to put this page on the web site. This was the e-mail:

I have....I think.......attatched my addition to the web site....It is just
my view of the clan and it's abilities.....I think this could be a good
idea to be done by all members (or those who can be bothered) so it can
give  a view from each person....and allows them to have a bit of a say in
the web site. My page comes ready made cause i am good <g>. Perhaps this is
the sort of thing that should be in the members section....if u would
forward this to Dangerous Mike for his approval and (hopefully) use I would
be grateful....because I dont know his adress seeing as I have changed my
ISP to lineone (free trial ended on claranet ::heh heh:: ). Could you send
me a list of everyones e-mail so I dont have to keep sending things through
    Thanks a Lot

Hopefully I will get the pictures to complete his page.


Carry on to see the page here