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Wombling Songs Title from album

  • The 'Wombling songs' album was the first of the Womble's albums.
  • Stereo Record.
  • Produced by Mike Batt for Belfry Productions.
  • Recorded at CBS Studios, engineer Bernie O'Gorman: and at Wessex Studios, engineer Mike Thompson. August 1973.
  • Sleeve design: Mary Winon
  • Refreshments: Madame Cholet
  • Organisation: Great Uncle Bulgaria
  • Technical help: Tobermory
  • Singing: the younger Wombles, assisted my Mike Batt
  • The Wombles appear by courtesy of FilmFair, who produced the television series in the first place, and Elizabeth Beresford who created and wrote the books even before that! Ivor Wood (and did) design and animate the puppets and films, assisted by Barry (last but not) Leith, who also did the illustrations.
  • The Wombles would like to thank the following friends for their help: Terry Flounders and John Hanson (the dynamic duo); Great Uncle Graham Clutterbuck (wise advice); Wendy Lucas (backing vocals); Max Robertson (moral support).
  • All songs published by Batt-Songs Ltd, 52 Maddox Street, London W.1.
  • On the front cover of the album (shown on main page), Ivor Wood's Womble puppets outside their burow playing homemade instruments. From right to left, Madame Cholet is watching. Great Uncle Bulgaria is conducting the others. Bungo is playing his guitar (well, modified tennis racket). Tobermory is banging his pot. Tomsk is playing a horn. Orinoco is winding the toy piano. Wellington has made a set of tubular bells out of cans and is playing them.

Walking Womble Animation, created by Johanna Cormier, modified by Matt Wells


Side 1 Side 2
The Wombling Song (Television Version) Madame Cholet
Wombles Everywhere Great Uncle Bulgaria's March
Exercise Is Good For You (Laziness Is Not) Wellington Womble
The Wombles' Warning Bungo's Birthday
Tobermory Wombling Along (Link Piece)
Dreaming In The Sun (Orinoco's Song) The Wombling Song (Full Version)