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Original Womble Albums

There were four Womble songs originally released in records and cassette. I have some info on a few of these albums, and most of the lirics. I have also added a few WAV files here and there. These are clips of the songs. The wav files are converted from PCM to MP3 which uses less space for better quality.

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    PcPlus SuperCD, issue 52B (October 1998).

Image map of Womble Album Links. From the top, Wombling Songs, Remember You're A Womble, Keep On Wombling and Superwombling.

Wombling Songs, Remember Your A Womble and Keep On Wombling were available to buy boxed together. The original covers and lyric sheets were not included, but a poster, lyric/colouring book and badge were included. It was released in 1974.

In 1976, 'Womble Stories' was released on to cassette and record. There were six stories read by Bernard Cribbins. The stories were also available in a picture book written by Ernst Benn. It contained no songs so I technically it should be in its own section, like I'm gonna make a page with two lines on it :) The stories on the album were:

  • The MacWomble's Pipe Band
  • The Snow Womble
  • Tomsk And The Tired Tree
  • Orinoco Runs Away
  • Wellington And The Blue Balloon
  • Madame Cholet's Picnic Party.

Walking Womble Animation, created by Johanna Cormier, modified by Matt Wells.

Other Interesting Womble Music Stuff

  • UK Single Releases

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