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Remember You're A Womble

  • 'Remember You're A Womble' is the second Womble album made by Mike Batt in 1974.
  • This album has more pop style songs than the first, whch had a promising affect on the sales, making it the best selling original Womble album.
  • The front cover of the album shows five people dressed in the promotional Womble suits arranged in a "chorus line" doing the kicks while holding their instruments (these are Tomsk on guitar, Orinoco on saxophone, Madame Cholet on mandolin, Bungo and Bulgaria (both without instruments).

Walking Womble Animation, created by Johanna Cormier, modified by Matt Wells


Remember You're A Womble

Minuetto Algeretto

Non-Stop Wombling Summer Party

Wombling In The Rain

Wellington Goes To Waterloo

The Return Of Cousin Yellowstone

The Womble Square Dance

Wimbledon Sunset

Banana Rock