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Keep On Wombling

  • 'Keep On Wombling' is the third Womble album made by Mike Batt in 1974.
  • The cover is illustrated with, Orinoco holding a sitar, (The costume is based on Ivor Wood's puppets. Like the costumes they wore when they performed "Live" on television) and a circle of 9 illustrated Wombles.
  • Side 1 is called Orinoco's Dream (Fantasies of a Sleeping Womble). They are all songs about his dreams.
  • I don't have this album, so I cannot give much information about it. If you would like to send me some details, I will gladely put them on this page.

Walking Womble Animation, created by Johanna Cormier, modified by Matt Wells


Side 1 Side 2
Womble of the Universe The Wombling Twist
The Orinoco Kid Tobermory's Music Machine
The Jungle is Jumping Wipe Those Womble Tears from Your Eyes
Underground Overture Invitation to the Ping-Pong Ball
The Hall of the Mountain Womble Wombling Merry Christmas
Look out for the Giant