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Downloads page (pic with blob floating around it)


Lets get down to business, apart from this is not business, it's fun. So lets have some fun! My guide to having fun on this page is the following:

1. Start downloading these cool files which have been specially picked so you don't even have to look at what they are (it is garanteed crap).
2. Start swaying around like the blob in the title after having a few pints of beer. That'll get you going.
3. Play the groovy midi files you just downloaded, and dance along in the garden.

Hey, not rushed :) well, sort of. Anyway, I have atually updated this as I now have a ISDN line. This mkes it nice and fast, yay. OK, so this is a little rushed, still, but I don't care! :p If you have any interesting stuff I may want to put on here, mail me about it, not the atual stuff please!

You may have noticed that I have deleted some of the stuff, so if you still need it I can point you in the right direction.

There are currently mb of downloads on this page!

Quake - Utilities

GLQuake Plus 206k England USA - Great, if you have GL, get this! It sets up all your options for you!

Name Builder 204k England USA - I also have Qnm, but I prefeer this! It is simple and freeware, but still has all good options.

Caliburn's Sniper Scope 68.8k England USA - You all know this, its a script to zoom you in. I don't use it, but many do.

RVIS 43.8k England USA - Vis your own maps, warning, it takes severly ages, I did it :) Needs to have .prt files

BSP2PRT 42.6k England USA - Converts .bsp to .prt format. For use with vissing maps.

Quake Network Launcher 12.8k England USA - Erm, a frontend for network Quake, if you are as lucky as me. This is for regular Quake, and I have not tried it.

Sniper Config for DM and TF 0.86k England USA - A DM snipe config, but can be used for TF as well, I use this for Dm sometimes, normally CTF with the grappling hook.

Quake - Cheats

Kl33n3x 45.2k England USA - Autoaim!! It's rubbish tho :( I am giving this out provided you do not use it on Quake servers, hehe. It's like a proxy so just connect to it.

Grenade Timer 17.6k England USA - Beeps for you :) Put it in /fortress/sound/ and then add to your config: "bind * "+gren2; play gt.wav". Then it should play whenever you press the button.

Anonymous messages 0.2k England USA - Writes the message without your name first. Good for banner message or proxy reports in matches.

Beeping Script 26 bytes England USA - Makes a beep noise when you use the script. Counts as message so flood-protection stops frequent use.

Quake - Stuff

Azreals Map (Not a local link) ?k (Under 1meg and English link, I think.) This is Azreals first atempt at a map, if you want to express your opinions of the map, there is a link to his site on my linnks page.

Womble Song Config 1.2k England USA - YAY!!! This is really funny as it pisses everyone off :) The whole of the womble song scripted.

Sandman's TF Womble Skin Pak 84.4k England USA - He may have left WoW early, but he did make the effort to..ahem..ajust my skins ;)

Music - Wombles

Bulgaria.mid 18.7k England USA

Tobermory.mid 25.2k England USA

Wombling.mid 11.2k England USA

Music - Normal

Bohemian.mid 50.0k England USA

Friends.mid 16.1k England USA

Titanic.mid 20.5k England USA


Bomb Squad 8.1k England USA - If someone ICQ bombs you, you can easily clean up the mess with this program.

IP Sniffer 85.5k England USA - Type in the UIN and the IP will be shown for the user. The purpous of this download is to join a self hosted Quake server, please do not use this program for naughty things ;)

Port Sniffer 5.6k England USA - This scans an IP address for the port which is opend for ICQ. This is for...errr...testing your/friends computers for safety against hackers..ahem. You will need winsck.ocx to run this program.

Winsck.ocx 59.8k England USA - Many people need this, but it is available in a big pack. I am not sureif this counts as the registered version yet, so please e-mail me to tell me if this works or not. This file is commonly used for spoofing and hacking, but I am sure that you are downloading it to fix an error in that MS Active thingy :)

Just For You!! I have the best and original Quake Guide!!! It made me good, and will make you good too. You need these skills for all Quake, CTF, TF, the lot! It is right...wait for it...

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I accept no responability for the items downloaded off my page. Although mail me if something does go wrong.