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This isn't Dangerous Mike......It's GambitX another member of WOW. I have just started getting into the whole web page thing and this is my first WOW page. Not that I have much to say <G>. I just wanna make a few comments on the clan.

Firstly....We are NOT a crap clan......we are new and are just trying to get a team working as a team.....This has been happening between myself, 9MM and Dangerous Mike. James has been helping.....I can't discriminate though because everyone has a different role in the team. For Example....Firefuel is a sniper so cant be expected to attack...Homer is a HwGuy so can remain as a defender....or perhaps even attack.

We have only won one match that I have been in (out of 2 I have been in). So that is a good thing seeing as the clans we have played are/should be much better than we are. We are slowly starting to pull toghether and with this in mind I think we have a bright future ahead.

In relation to the possibility of a Deathmatch clan......Why not? I am sure we can recruit any more members we need for DM. Although i am unsure as to whether Firefuel would be playing as he has his own dm clan......but I think he would join our team..... Especially since he is the High Womble Emperor (the clan creator and leader).

My current e-mail adress is ,so if anyone wants to get in touch then feel free to e-mail me about my comments on the clan.